31 05 2008

This is what I thinking of right now: the kids, Willie, Genescan, DRD4 and budgerigars (it looks like I may have a few more exons! but this is premature), earthquake, flood, earthquake, cyclone, earthquake, war, earthquake, analysis of kitty microsatellites

to be more objective, I should stop calling them kitties. I pulled the samples from 2003 out of the freezer and said, here’s a kitten. I knew it because it was labeled 5/4/03 16 4/5, which it means it was 4/5 samples from individual 16—there was one mother and 4 unborn feti. I felt sick after I said it. So this, I thought, is why we call them samples and not kittens.

[Thinking about] Obama Clinton, Willie, writing a final quail paper, with data no less, and a review of avian social behavior that doesn’t fit into the hitherto describe modes of behavior—because, dammit, quail family groups don’t make sense in the current rubrics. I am also thinking about going back out into the field with those birds I love. What do you think? To be able to identify them and follow them I need to band, maybe take blood and perhaps radiotrack. All of these are more invasive that I want to be. What do you think? What should I do?

am I planning my little field excursion in August simply to serve myself. It is a selfish desire to be able to know the birds like I did before. To look out and see red black black and know her, recognize her. I believe (though I have not tested this and therefore should not be stating it but oh well) quail recognize individuals and base reaction and behavior in part on this recognition and past experience. I actually would like to test this but…

Other things I am thinking about, Willie, the kids, Nina the cat, quail vocalization analysis, the novel draft I just finished, obsessiveness, discomfort, self, manuscripts sitting around, mysterious, and the poem about the little dead baby.


That I want to get closer to that nonhuman animal place.

the kids.

and there goes a little dog, what kind is it I don’t know.




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