4 06 2008

I am curious about how traffic moves on the web–and to whom am I speaking other than myself. Here are some words, feline, spirit, garbage, bacterium, evolution, creationism, Obama, Clinton, McCain, Robbe-Grillet, Wertheim, DiBlasi, Lane and Hall, recycling, green tea, Amanda Knox, investigation, concept, conceptual, conceptual writing, molecular, I extracted DNA using the expired Purgene kit, ethanol, prana, shantih shantih shantih, Pokemon, too much Pokemon for one person to stand, Princess, too many princesses oozing from Disney for one person to stand, Princess Mononoke, Manu Chao, Leonard Cohen, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Belly, Poe and Poe, House of Leaves, Descent of Alette, the sequencer is done so it’s time to put my pcr products on, California quail, Shearwater, those naughty little elegant quail I want so much to see, platypus, bees…what brings you where you are?




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