A plague upon your houses

12 07 2008

West Nile virus, avian flu, birds have mites and I’d better wash my hands. A flock of birds brought the plague upon them. Disease spreaders—bringers of decay filled miasmas. Carrion feeders, birds of prey. Dead only dead. Crow dead like alive—disease spreader,

Mourning, in mourning—avian mourning.

grahas, grainis, yoginis, yaksinis, apsaras

bird headed women, falcon, vulture, parrot, owls, kites, vultures, geese, ducks.

be careful
aren’t you nervous,
working with birds?

shit and blood, feathers and parasitic flies…it all comes out in the wash

doesn’t it?

Seizers, skanda-seizers, graha

All those flocks of ravening bird goddesses, all those valkyries, dechrire, erinnyes, maenads—witches, witches witches.

You poor little bird, you poor little one legged bird, choking bird, begging for a piece of my food for my crumb. Poor little warber, little finch, little starling, little crow.





2 responses

10 09 2009

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7 10 2009
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