22 09 2008

Ok, so I was to open the notebook–we are in chaos here, however, with the imminent construction, the move to the rental and random cats needing to be trapped because their caretakers are idiots*.

Instead I am posting an excerpt from my present manuscript–it is Abigal’s story pasted together–in the actual manuscript these bits are scattered. But here you are in luck! They are all in one place! Wow.

To read the manuscript click: abigal

And of course, although you, my audience, is typically speechless (I assume by the brillance, or perhaps idiocy, of my postings) you are welcome to comment.

*These cats, just so you know, are not our cats, but were lost by the prior tenants in the attic of the house we will be renting. I am trapping them but am faced with the desire to keep them rather then return them to such fools who would leave their frightened kitties without water, food, or a litter box.




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