The Quail Diaries, Notebook Series,2

7 12 2008


I am the Self

Seated in the heart of all being

I do not know whether the author of the notebook is a woman or a man (and does it matter?). A part of me seems to have always assumed it was a man–I seem to have superimposed the author of the notebook onto the man they suspected of setting the brush alight. He was, if you recall, indigent, and was camping on the hill. One fire set the hill alight–the Fire Investigator believes it to be the result of a hot pan, set down to smolder.

download-2 I am the beginning and the life span

of beings and their end as well

He returned, and continued to set cooking and campfires. I saw him. I found his campsite and Devlin saw a plume of smoke once. He continued to light fires until the police told him to move on.

demons…I am time

I want to talk about the notebook…I do not really want to revisit this man. Do you think he might be a bit crazy? What does that mean and isn’t it such an easy label? I have spent time with people diagnosed with our Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)–schizophrenic, psychotic. Some of us are lucid some of us will never be lucid. Is this man that allegedly set the first blaze accidentally insane? (Here is why I think he might be–a high proportion of indigent people are diagnosed with a mental illness, he set the fire and then returned and set a few more–all apparently for the purpose of cooking, the man I saw had some of the markings)


The man I saw had the markings. Is that fair of me? Am I stereotyping? I am tired of invasions, of being open and being frightened

I am time

A few pages later


[] er when []m’s triping out mom boght Pop []000 DimaD ring <1971>[crossed out] 72


She has sins put the Dimod in a ring for her.  She wears it all the time.

quotes not from the notebook are from the Bhagavad Gita, Trans. Stephen Mitchell.




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