The Quail Diaries, Notebook Series 3

12 12 2008


If I were without attachment I might not be so afraid. Is that true? and if it is will you tell me please?

I could feel the ocean today, as it reached up over me and the little fish came to nibble.

But, I am not at the ocean, I am in a house, with the coming cold front beating the windows. Snow is coming. Quail do ok in limited snow, but not a lot, at least, that is how it sometimes appears. But perhaps, it is just the amount of frost during breeding season—what is your thought?

I am reporting on the notebook. I am not inclined today to think about sanity and insanity. All the old Hollywood pablum, spoonfed to us, about the liberation of insanity—see the Vagabond before you long for the freedom of indigency.

My friend has lost her mind.

When, thickly covered in darkness,
it imagines that wrong is right
and sees the world upside down

Nature will compel you

Nature will

compel you

to act
And today’s tidbit (or if you prefer, titbit):
The top of the page is ripped—RP refers to those parts that are lost. All spelling in all the entries are as by the author.

I remember [RP]
Linda saying t[RP]
going to kill his father.[RP]
Way to the airport[RP]
was he still mad about[RP]
Beating him up? Shoudnt he
have Warnd him? His Best
friend Was [illegible] Chuk. They were
sneaking around on our one neighbor Dad frend.
Marty [superimposed above] he [which is crossed out] always had that tape recorder
on him.

At the bottom is a drawing of a rectangle with a centered horizontal and vertical line stretching across side to side and top to bottom, forming a cross. At each bottom corner is a circle with curved lines. The right circle seems to have the curved lines in the form of one arm a body and two legs. Inside the circle are two dots and a curved line, like eyes and a smiling mouth.carpage

Italics are from the Bhagavad Gita.




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