The Quail Diaries, El Segundo, 6.1, A Complaint

7 01 2009

I have poison oak.poisonoak

There is a picture of it.  The poison oak on me is in the form of a small rash on one arm and a single bump on the other hand.  I dislike poison oak’s effect on my skin.  But I can say thank [insert your deity, or not, depending upon your preference] for Tecnu–

Tecnu, take me away!

Much of the wash portion of the burned area is coming up poison oak and I am sure I stepped on some.  But I also did wash with Tecnu, and made my son wash with Tecnu, when we wandered through the area.  I am, however, convinced that the quail carry it around sometimes and by handling them I get it on me.  This is the conclusion I came to many years ago when, despite feeling pretty darn sure I hadn’t hit any parts of the plant, I always seemed to have a rash.  By then I had discovered Tecnu so at least I wasn’t in the agony I might have been.

Of course…right now, I feel little itches everywhere–apparently imagining that I will soon explode in a pile of poison oak lesions.

But again thank Teclabs for Tecnu




One response

8 01 2009

Hi there,

You’re welcome so much! I’m so glad Tecnu has helped you. Hey, email me your address at, and I’ll send you a tube of our newest product, Tecnu Extreme. It’ll wash the poison oak off your skin, as well as treat any rash you may have. Works great, if I do say so myself. Take care.

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