Personal Inaugural Reflections…[I know plenty have been posted…but]

20 01 2009

Former Vice-President Cheney is being wheeled away, thank the [insert your deity or nondeity] ABOVE!

just sent the children off to school–this is my son’s first day late since he started elementary school.  But I wanted them both to watch and listen (as much as they could with their wiggly little bodies could).  My daughter took pictures and asked about the red ties, my son was concerned when we talked about President Obama’s need for protection and the glass wall set up to protect the luminaries–he wanted to be sure it did not catch on fire.

[Former President Bush, Former First Lady Bush, President Obama and First Lady Obama hugged, kissed, and said goodbye–bush is getting on the helicopter to take him away away away away…..and there goes the helicopter into the grey grey grey mouth of the sky

Things I noticed and I’m sure you did to–the speech was, I thought, a strong call for what I’ve been despairing of–humility and a sense of history.  And of course, the inclusion of science, universities, schools as things to focus on made me particularly happy.  As did the recognition that some of us are nonbelievers.

The John Williams music was nice–but what was nicer was the image of those four musicians playing with joy in the cold was lovely

I have not decided about the poem–

But I will say, Pastor Rick Warren’s sad little invocation was blown away by Aretha Franklin’s rendering of My Country Tis of Thee.  I’d say, if there is a God, she is the closer to that being.

It is over




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