23 04 2009

Our goal is complete objectivity.

I should not be doing this–I do not have time for this. There are things to be done.


What is the difference between this

cicadas exist; chicory, chromium,
citrus trees; cicadas exist;
cicadas, cedars, cypresses, the cerebellum



[Śūnyatā is oft defined as the Buddhist idea of emptiness–but as many have said, that translation doesn’t quite get it–as so often do translations not get it.]

Is there a relationship between these things and what, what, what am I writing about?

Not about quail, I suppose, not yet at any rate.

I forgot to tell you (or did I?) about the three bald eagles circling the PCC (our local coop). I believe they were three bald eagles, one juvenile and two adults. They were accompanied by some very agitated crows and did not stay long.

I had trouble believing my eyes…but then bald eagles exist.

and the baiji? the ivory-billed woodpecker? the golden toad?


If I breathe correctly, if I reach the point of breath where it is no longer me breathing the world but the world breathing me, will they exist again?

The strange thing about other species is how they can exist outside of our perception. They really can. It is why I like to study quail, or anything really, as I have said, in it’s own habitat. The keep existing (if we are lucky) even when I am not there.

I want to intersect, just there, at that place where they and I are illumination.

Quotes are by Hannah Weiner and Inger Christensen




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