A Political Interlude

19 06 2009


I am following Iranian Student @Change_for_Iran on Twitter. The last post was:
“we have to leave, it’s not safe here anymore! wish us luck!”

I am one of Iranian Student’s 24478 followers.

Everything is superimposed upon everything else.

my eyes, like the Sherry in the Glass,
that the Guest leaves—

I really appreciate being able to read Iranian Student’s posts—it is the experience that I always feel I miss with things happening elsewhere when I read the news. I feel as though something of the inside is out. I do not feel very useful. I am worried about Iranian Student.

We’re fearing that their Hearts will drop—
And crush our pretty play—

I am reading the protests, the marches and the repression from people “on the ground” and deeply inside of it. I can read the anxiety, confusion and excitement. It, at some level, resists synthesis and evaluation because it is immediate.

I am also, of course, reading our country’s recent history as well. Part of this is searching for a direct connection—how is what is happening there related to what is happening/happened here. A clear attempt to reflect back to the self—and to blame. (Like how the label “Axis of Evil” created the environment for Ahmadinejad to push more repression).

If it were done when ’tis done, then ’twere well
It were done quickly

I am not the only person—many people have pointed out that things might have been different in this country if folks had had the cajones to rise up in protest in 2000.

My first reaction to this was—yeah—what a lot of cowards we are. But my second reaction brings out the social anarchist in met—the election was not stolen in the way that people suspect Admenijad of stealing Iran’s election. It was robbed through the action of the Supreme Court—and institution that was built up directly out of manner in which the citizens of this country voted over the thirty years prior. And Bush was re-elected. His presidency was not directly the result of repressive tactics (although, there were some arguably dubious moves made…) in the way that would invite a mass uprising.

(I am full of shit…a moral coward—I am just too comfortable to put myself at risk.)

I am, apparently, a social anarchist. I believe our country is too big for true democracy. I am tired as hell of paying the price in environmental degradation, poverty, and lack of education, because of other peoples ignorance and unwillingness to do the hard work of learning.

Perhaps I am just an insular piece of work.

And when I think of the Civil War, I must remind myself what the threat of succession did to this part of the world.

I know it is more complicated that I imagine.

At any rate. I am still getting Tweets from Iranian Student—and I am getting more nervous for all of the people demonstrating because the Ayatollah is essentially threatening to crackdown. He has clearly decided to throw his cards in with Ahmadinejad.

So I’ll keep checking up and hoping that something shifts and we don’t have to watch a lot of people hurt over the next days and weeks.




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