Anniversary of Sorts; Addendum

21 05 2010

These actions do not bind me, Arjuna.

A clarification has occurred to me.

I stand apart from them all.

In my discussion of protection against suicide and depression I talked about the fullness of the world–my filling up with the world.  My attachments.

the unwise cling to their actions,/watching for results

Of course, I also mentioned the importance of yoga as a component my own mental health (so to speak).  In some sense, there is a direct opposition between the goals of the sort of yoga I practice (in the practice itself and the texts and teachings I have absorbed).  The goal is to relinquish attachment.  In some forms yoga, that means one dies and is reborn with nothing–becoming a sadhu.

the wise /are free of attachments, and act/for the well-being of the whole world

I have not withdrawn myself.  I am (clearly) not a holy-person.  But, at the same time, I do not think for me that the finding a way of  survival through those parts of the world that inspire love is necessarily mean conflict.  In my life, right now, I can, at moments release attachments within the world of connection that I find myself.  And it becomes not a killing of relationships but a recognition and valuing of the other as something both deeply intertwined with me and utterly independent.  In this way, these things I love people, other animals, plants, sun, sea, etc…exist without the need for me to control any aspects of them.  Those tiny moments where I am able to practice that place of being detached with compassion free me from fear of emotion and action.

Knowing the Self, sustaining/the self by the Self, Arjuna,/kill the difficult-to-conquer/enemy called desire.

He is not bound; yet he neither trembles in fear nor suffers injury.


Quotes are from The Bhagavad Gītā and The Bṛhadāraṇyaka Upanishad




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