Fragment 139–toads and ghosts

23 07 2010


Did you see

the moon tonight,


a golden toad

consumed her

but she lit him up

like fire

[1] Scholars agree that the golden toad refers to the Costa Rican Golden Toad; a species that disappeared during the great amphibian extinction of 2000-2020, during which time virtually all amphibians except the bullfrog vanished.  The golden toad was one of the first casualties of this extinction, and this extinction was a precursor to the other great extinctions of the early 21st century (mammalian, avian, fish, insect, tree).  There is a song about the frogs, said to have sung by members of the crew of the HMS Elizabeth’s last voyage, for which the lyrics are unknown, although the melody is thought to be hummed by her ghosts.




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