A bit about the Ghost Bird

20 10 2010

When will he return


Do not ask

In the film Ghost Bird the creature we are all waiting for

the creature I am waiting for?

appears only  in grainy black and white films and in the drawers of specimen cabinets.


It never really appears

It is a hole in the center of the film, as the absence of verified sightings (even after all the searching),  the absence of any real signs of the bird, is like the vanishing tail of the comet.

Nina is the vanishing

I wanted a place where the intersection of things = an individual bird.  I did not get that.  Instead I got the intersection of things (science, economy, environment, politics) that equaled an idea of a bird, of a presence out there where we are not.  I got a symbol.

We cannot seem to help ourselves, we turn everything into symbol

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker = Loss

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker = Hope

Into economy

Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Sighting = $$

And because we turn everything into symbol, an entire film could be made, and a good one at that, about the vacuum extinction leaves and the way hope rushes to fill it.

The way I’d lost it.  The way she smelled.  The way I wanted to hold onto her little dead body.

There are extinctions of beings and extinctions of species.  For every kind of extinction, we make the creatures into something they are not because we will never have the clarity to know what they are.

quote by Ingeborg Bachmann




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