6 02 2011

Don’t come to me complaining about the weather.

As ye sow, so shall ye reap

We are inside

They that sow the Wind

This, Motherfuckers,

is climate change.

Reap the Whirlwind

Enjoy it folks, we’ve given it to ourselves and now we’ll bake or freeze or blow away or drown, pulled out to sea.

and if it were just to be us, we humans, we Homo fucking sapiens, I might not care so much except we are taking a lot of other species with us.

There she goes

I don’t care so much about the people (except sometimes I do).  I do care about my children.  Really, the part that has me wanting to feel my hands around the throat all of those in Washington DC too ignorant or cowardly to do a damn thing, is my heartbreak for my babies.

My beautiful world

it may be sentimental or maudlin

And there is that me that is complicit too.

but it also creates in me a murderous rage

We live in an old chaos of the sun

In the cloud cover I see it, under the earth I feel it, in the scent of the snow I taste it, on my arms, on the cuts and bruises, under my nails, in the massive waves, in the tiny storms

in the winds

that blow

and wild is the wind

so wild is the wind

This rage, I keep it in my pocket, but here it is, out a moment, a little glimpse for your pleasure and then I’ll put it away goodnight.

Life’s more hidden, obscurer griefs

geh’ ich dahin/I drift away

Within my Garden, rides a bird–

Upon a single Wheel–

It has never been my intention to feel so very angry.

quotes are from Emily Dickinson, The King James Bible, Nick Cave, Dimitri Tiomkinm Ned Washington, Wallace Stevens, Friedrich Hölderlin




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