My Twitter Writing

21 07 2009

I am writing fiction on Twitter and if you are interested you may follow me at jdcalkins2001. Here is a sampling from the very beginning

I do not like this basement. It makes me uncomfortable. These are my hands, arms legs feet. But I won’t describe them to you.

I am not being obstructive. No. It is just that the shape of my body is obscured by the darkness. And why are you here anyway?

Billy she calls. The cat is here. Someone cries More weight. I am in the basement. I’d rather a carriage in any weather.

Someone cries More weight. I can’t smell the sweet white flowers on the trees outside. That is why I’m climbing out the window.

Out I go. I’ve covered the broken edge on the bottom with the rough sacking that lay in a pile. I am not careful enough. It cuts.

Like the kitten’s tiny claws & I’ve left them in that place. The mistress of the house calls, Billy. But I am on the dark street.


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