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15 08 2009

Head over to The Quail Diaries for the next few days as I will be posting entries while I am trapping and observing the sweetly beautiful Callipepla californica.


Revision to my earlier naive secessionist stance

3 08 2009

I no longer want to secede from the union–I am no longer a social anarchist. I admit, that sentiment, voiced earlier on this blog, was very naive. It also dismissed the hard won maintenance of a union of states–what was the civil war.

I apologize–

I may be frustrated by the leviathan that this country is–the squandering of beauty, the unwillingness to educate or be educated…. Rather than stop there, my misanthropic streak should have taken one step further and recognized that the problems of the whole would be reproduced in the pieces, only with borders. It is the horror of those additional borders and of the potential for attempts at takeovers, at land grabs–wars between states because they are no longer one country but several little countries.

It would probably be horrific.